Custom lots lend themselves to ‘circular’ reasoning

Among the most unique features within Santaluz are the select circular lots on which sit custom homes up to 20,000 square feet. This land configuration allows for limitless options in orienting a home to maximize views from virtually any and every angle.

Santaluz custom homes are modeled after one of six styles that each reflects a European and Early American heritage and high standard of living.

Adobe Ranch: Harkening back to the Spanish Missions, these homes’ style blends spacious indoor and outdoor living using natural materials and simple details that allow each homeowner to add a personal touch to each and every room and garden.

California Ranch: While other home styles are rooted in traditional masonry construction, the California Ranch gives a nod to modernism by blurring the distinction between indoor and outdoor spaces and sheltering all who enter under a simple, distinctive roofline.

Andalusia Farmhouse: This model borrows inspiration from the Moorish Courtyard house with its series of rectangular dwelling units organized around a private courtyard. Secondary patios provide garden retreats in additional living spaces. The primary decoration along public-facing walls is a beautiful display of wrought iron window grilles. Larger decks and loggias complete the courtyard spirit of this manor.

Santa Barbara: This home embraces all things eclectic from numerous Mediterranean sources to create a unique Old World charm and emphasis on courtyard living. Towers, Juliet balconies, sculptural exterior stairs and decorative wrought iron grillwork and painted tiles help residents feel like they are at a resort.

Provence Farmhouse: Brightly colored wood shutters, casual placement of window openings, French archways and wrought iron vine trellises are the hallmarks of the traditional Provencial farmhouse. Santaluz’s version updates some classic features while retaining the rural feel that this architecture invokes.

Tuscany Farmhouse: True to its origins in central Italy, the Tuscany Farmhouse is a stalwart structure that commands picturesque views. The distinctive architecture includes Roman arches, Tuscan columns, Roman flat pan and barrel tile roofing, wood shutters, precast window surrounds and rectangular or diamond patterns window grilles.

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